VAT Advice in Peterborough – Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

This website is dedicated to the VAT advice in Peterborough that is provided by the accountancy firm of Moore Stephens in the Peterborough and East Midlands area.

The experts at Moore Stephens in Peterborough can help you in all elements of this complex tax, from guiding you through the initial registration through to the much more difficult areas of applying VAT correctly. This advice can mean that you not only reduce the risk of failing a VAT inspection and the costs that this can incur but minimise your VAT bill and improve your businesses cashflow.

Moore Stephens provide efficient, confidential and quality VAT advice to businesses of all sizes both in the UK and those overseas businesses that are thinking of setting up a subsidiary in the UK and are concerned about the legal implications of  accounting for VAT by overseas companies including the rules relating to the supply and installation of goods & the movement of goods within the EU.